19 August 2014

Ann Was Afraid To Move On

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Ann was a 28 year-old successful sales manager, who was afraid to relocate for the chance of a better job.  She had a hard time concentrating or thinking about it clearly, and didn’t feel confident that she had the necessary skills for a change. Her self-esteem was pretty low.

We did some coaching that utilized meditation and strength building.  I recorded a 15-minute meditation on her IPhone, which allowed her to pop on her earphones whenever she needed to calm her mind.  We then discussed her strengths and skills, some of which she’d never realized she had, but where others she’d always taken for granted.  It helped her have a clearer sense of what she could do, and where she needed to get further training, depending on the job she was looking for.  It also helped her be clearer about what to look for.   The more we broke it down, and the more specific we became, the less of a boogey-man it was.  The more control she gained, the more accepting and realistic she became.  Her self-esteem improved.   She started a realistic job search, which eventually led to finding a better position.


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