Services & Fees

I do individual psychotherapy, workshop presentations, and consultations.

Privacy and confidentiality are one of the critical elements in psychotherapy.  In this day of the internet, it’s all too easy to to find out information about a person, even if it’s intended to be confidential.  To doubly insure your records remain confidential, as of December 1, 2015, I will no longer be accepting insurance payments, and will be accepting self-payment, only.  

Since I don’t work for the insurance company, I’m not required to provide them with any information about you, which could be required under most insurance plans.  With privacy becoming an increasingly precious commodity, it becomes so much more important to preserve it within the psychotherapy session, the very place where one has every right to expect it.

I provide a free half-hour phone consult, to see whether we’re a good match.   At the end of the phone conversation,  if you’re feeling comfortable, we can set up an initial  appointment.

My fee is $130.00 to $150.00 for a 50 minute session.  I accept cash or checks.

So please give me a call at 1-617-499-1950, and we’ll set up a phone consult at your earliest convenience.  I return calls within 24 hours.  It will take only a half hour of your time, and from the feedback I get, people feel as though they’ve received something valuable.

I’m looking forward to talking with you.  – Barb Ferullo