5 November 2018

Vote and Ease Your Stress!

Barbara Ferullo

Stressed out?  Yep!  Headaches and irritability?  You betcha!  This election cycle has been a major stress-inducer for everyone, more than any other election that I can remember.  So what to do?  I saw an article the other day that said the best way of preserving democracy was by practicing it.

Instead of letting the anxiety take over, instead of sitting there and stewing, be proactive and vote.  It’s stressful, yes, but believe me, you’ll feel better once you do.  Studies show that people who are more involved with civic groups are generally less depressed than those who aren’t.

Afterwards, go for a run or a workout, do some relaxation exercises, or watch your favorite show or game, to blow off any additional stress.  Give your partner a hug, the dog a pat, and congratulate yourself for a job well done, and for doing something very special.